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— Welcome, I'm TEMITOPE OLU (LTN)

about me...

My journey to coaching began at a tender age. With a listening ear, friends, people and in my neighbourhood started asking me related questions. My insights on relationships were informed by an appreciation for both the male and female perspectives. At a young age, I understood the importance of cultivating harmony between the two gender. I believe intimate relationships are not complicated. We just have to put the right ingredients into the ‘relationship pot.’ I was introduced to Relationship Coaching during my degree studying Health Education. It became clear that this profession gave me a chance to do what he’s always wanted to do. Help people in a very profound way. Relationship Coaching enables me to put my God-given gifts to use by helping people see relationship issues more clearly, mend from divorce and breakups, and help singles get their relationship groove back. I pursued my Certification for Professional Relationship Coaching and received my Certification in 2023. So, I started Talkwithnik Podcast, and while doing that, I studied for and achieved my Relationship Coaching Certification from IAP College, 167 Midland Place S.E. Calgary, Alberta T2X 1N1 Canada. Published books are on Selar and Amazon Kindle. This is the best way for me to serve the people. By addressing their intimate heart matters through coaching, podcasting, writing, and social media. I really appreciate you being here. As always, “I’m here to serve.”

I am available for


One-on-One Counseling

Live better. Love better.Move toward authentic, compassionate connection with certified relationship coach Temitope Olu. In-person and online sessions available.



Best-Selling Books

Stage Shows and Talks

I have written books, free and paid, that you can use to transform your spirituality, relationships, and marriage. Check below for some of my books you can download. Get some of my books to transform your relationship or marriage in my STORE.

Captivate. Inspire.Temitope Olu is a compelling inspirational speaker who incites immediate and profound change from audiences of all sizes.

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