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God has a plan for your life, one that involves more than merely surviving the daily grind. You were created for more than just the daily grind.
It is now time to go from all states of spiritual laziness, ineffective prayer, helplessness, and weakness to a position of power, fruitfulness, accuracy and precision, wisdom, and alignment with God's perfect will.

So I would like to invite you to join the Women Securing programme for women worldwide. The movement is led towards securing in every area of our lives as women while erasing limitations and being firmly rooted in the word of God as a confident woman of faith and develop a friendship-based small group of Christian women who will uphold each other on their sincere journeys of transformation into the image of Christ (i.e. 1 John 3:2). Our understanding of God is based strictly on the Bible, which we accept in full.


Nobody rises to the full potential of being in Christ without a strong, anointed and consistent support system providing daily prayer sessions, Bible reading and fellowship under an atmosphere of Faith, Love and Wisdom.

This is what the Women Securing programme promises and so much more.


Participation is free but registration is required

Please note that this is a virtual programme that will hold twice every month

More information will be provided in due course.

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Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

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Thanks for submitting!

Note: You will be added to the Women securing WhatsApp group after submission.

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