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One-on-One Counseling

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Welcome, and congratulations!


You’ve chosen to embark on a life-changing journey.


Together we are going to look at your life from a new perspective. We’ll uncover your individual strengths and talents. We’ll focus on the FIRE & POSITIVITY that LTN brings. We’ll work hard to ensure that you know how to use them. And we’ll see you becoming increasingly successful at overcoming your personal challenges & difficulties in relationship.


During your upcoming sessions, you’ll develop a new relationship with yourself and others. Be prepared for strong emotions. At times you might laugh until you cry. And at other times, you might cry until you can finally laugh again.


But you’re always in control: You will set the focus, and you will set the pace. Your personal investment will guide your individual growth.


To get the most out of your coaching, I ask you to commit fully. The times when you feel overwhelmed, challenged, or pained are the times when you have so much to gain from fully committing to your coaching. These are opportunities for you to grow, develop and become a stronger person.


There is some necessary paperwork included in this Welcome Packet. Please complete the information and return it as soon as possible so that we can get started.  Yes, this is the most tedious part! It’s not my favorite either! If you need some help, please feel free to email me.






*Complete the CLIENT PROFILE




Thank you for trusting me to support and commit to you. I will be fully present and engaged with YOU during our time together. I will provide a safe space for exploration. Laughter and fun are sure to join us.


Once again, congratulations for investing in yourself & partner. I’m excited to begin our partnership.


With All My Passion,



LTN Coach

Who is the program designed for?

What is in the program?

Have you

...wondered if God wants you to stay single FOREVER? 
  • Single Women

  • Single Mom

  • Dating Women

  • Mother

  • Intentional Dating

  • Awaken Your Feminine Side 

  • Lean On Vulnerability

  • Discerning Abilities

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Dating Counselling

Parallel Lines
What you will learn in your relationship coach training
  • A clear vision of a healthy relationship

  • The realization that you are whole on your own

  • The spiritual and emotional ability to walk away from red flag behavior and never settle for anyone who won’t enhance your existence.

  • Most problems in intimate relationships begin with a lack of communication or unclear communication. We will help you address why the communication is so poor and give you the tools that will make your communication effective and productive.

  • If there are issues regarding the 3 areas of intimacy: 1. Spiritual 2. Intellectual 3. Physical. The means to enhance them are contained in micro-steps that we will outline for you.

  • Maybe the union has become boring and routine because you think you’ve run out of options for excitement. We will open your mind and heart to new possibilities.

Woman! You have come to the right place. LTN will help you address and repair the issues mentioned above and more. Schedule your call today. You need LTN to rescue your relationship.

Details on how to book a free or paid session, after booking a paid session, you will be sent an email for the bookings process.



                                     PREFER A BANK TRANSFER?

You can pay to TEMITOPE OLUSOLA, KUDA BANK, 2039732350. After payment, kindly send an email to with your full payment details.

A Relationship Is Just Like Its Name. A Couple Should Relate To One Another On A Deeper Level As They Sail Through This Journey Called Life.

LTN Create sense of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-worth while overcoming your limiting beliefs and fears around dating and relationships, so you can show up fully and authentically in your relationship with men and God.

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Book A Free Session

Do you want to begin with a free session?

You can have a free 20 minutes session which will only be for clarity on the issues you need help with. Please fill the form with detailed information so that we can focus more on getting clarity during the session. There is a number on the form, do take note to store it and call at the appropriate time. If you miss the session, you will need to reschedule for it.

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